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7.5HP HDI Duplex Piston Air Compressor – 2 pumps – 2 motors

The 7.5HP HDI Duplex Piston Air Compressor by DV Systems is like having 2 compressors on one tank. Space saving, redundancy, higher duty cycle capability and more air are some of the benefits of this duplex compressor system.  2 motors and 2 pumps mounted on an 80 gallon tank ensure a highly reliable compressed air supply for your process.  These pumps can be started and stopped several different ways depending on the controls.  For example, on/off together, second compressor on with 5 second time delay, alternating or alternating with a timer allowing the second pump to start and assist should the first pump run longer than a preset time period.

Peump: 2 x 247 (2 stage 2 cylinder)

RPM: 800

CFM Displacement: 2 x 28.9

CFM Delivery: 2 x 25.8 = 52.6 CFM

PSI: 150

Receiver: Horizontal 120 Gallon Rated at 200psi

Weight: 1105lbs

All models are available in (voltage/hertz/phase) 230/60/1, 200/60/3, 230/60/3, 460/60/3, 575/60/3

Magnetic Starter included

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Model: TAS-5552

HP: 7.5

Tank: 80 Gal. Hor

Displacement: 28.9

CFM@175psig: 25<8/p>

CFM@150psig: 25.9

CFM@ 100psig: 26.2

Pump RPM: 800

7.5HP HDI Duplex Piston Air Compressor

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Both duty types of air compressors,HDI and SDI, offer excellent warranties and we are proud to sell & service them. Call us to discuss your compressed air needs at 705-722-5747 or email us.

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