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Refrigerated Air Dryers

A refrigerated air dryer lowers the temperature of the compressed air forcing moisture to condense out. This is called lowering the dew point of the air. The higher the pressure or the lower the temperature the less ability the air has to hold moisture. Removing some of this moisture prevents or minimizes further condensation from occurring in the air lines and tools downstream.  These refrigerated air dryers are perfect for a mechanical shop, body shop, factory and HVAC equipment.  There may be special cases where even dryer air is required such as painting or instrument air.  In such a case we have other option such as desiccant dryers available.  Call us at Centrair Air Systems for assistance in selecting the proper air dryer for your application.

Brochure for PROdry Refrigerated Air Dryer

Brochure for PROdry High Temperature Inlet Air Dryer

PROdry ASD Air DryersPROdry High Temperature Inlet Air Dryers

Devair offers two lines of compressed air dryers:

1) The ProDry ASD – suited for most compressed air applications and

2) The ProDry HTD – designed for high temperature compressed air

They are sized based on 2 factors

1) CFM: Ranging from 10 CFM to 400 CFM

2) Inlet Temperature: Regular air dryers (model PROdry ASD) can handle temperatures up to 100F which will work well with any rotary screw air compressor because the air is cooled within the compressor. High Temperature air dryer (model PROdry HTD) can handle temperatures up to 180F and are used with piston compressors.

Both ASD and HTD Models offer:

  • Two-stage heat exchanger to improve efficiency and energy savings.
  • High-efficiency stainless steel moisture separator guarantees an extremely low pressure-drop and smooth operation even under heavy working conditions.
  • Microprocessor controls on all models keep stable dewpoint and eliminate the risk of freezing.
  • Thermally protected cooling fans, and a safety system to prevent compressor damage due to malfunction or high working temperatures.
  • Self adjusting controls to provide extremely low and constant dew point, while preventing icing.
  • Rugged powder coated steel cabinet.
  • Easy access panels for maintenance
  • Automatic electronic drain standard with each unit.
  • Low noise level.
  • Space saving design.

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