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The Legendary Devilbiss Pump

The Legendary Devilbiss PumpFor more than 50 years The Legendary Devilbiss Pump has been performing above and beyond expectations. While it has been improved over the years it has essentially not changed. Parts are still available even for the oldest industrial Devilbiss compressor pump. DV Systems (formerly Devair, formerly DeVilbiss) continues to manufacture the pump to the standards set by DeVilbiss. It warranties these pumps for 7 years, which is unprecedented in the industry. How can they do this? Simple, they can stand behind the pump because the pump is engineered to last and last and last. The pump has proven its reliability for 50 years. Many owners have had their DeVilbiss compressor for decades.  For a more in depth look at the history of Devilbiss click here.

Heavy Duty is a term used so often it has lost its meaning. Allow me to demonstrate what “heavy duty” means.

Heavy– These pumps are over engineered. The Legendary Devilbiss Pump weights in at 465lbs. This means that heat dissipation is enhanced. Heat is the major cause of failure in compressor pumps. The pump heats up because of the physical action of compressing air and the friction of internal parts. We can’t change physics but internal friction can be manipulated two ways.

1) RPM. The lower the revolutions per minute, the lower the heat build up.
2) Lubrication. The better the internal parts of the compressor are lubricated the less heat will build up. The 447 pump (and all DV Systems HDI pumps) use pressure lubrication (see video below). Simply put the oil is forced onto the bearing surfaces of the pump, puting the oil exactly where it needs to be. This is different than most pumps that are splash lubricated. In a splash lubricated pump there is a pin that is attached to the piston rod. On the down stroke the pin dips into the oil at the bottom of the crankcase and, because of the speed of the crankshaft, the pin aerosolizes (splashes) the oil inside the crankcase. This oil vapour in the crankcase will sort of get everywhere inside the crankcase. It is a shotgun approach to lubrication. Splash lubrication is cheap to manufacture and generally is good enough for compressors that don’t run at a very high duty cycle.

Because of the weight, low RPM, and lubrication of the HDI pumps, they can be called Heavy Duty Industrial compressor pumps. These pumps can stand up to 75% duty cycle in punishing industrial environments. That is why they come with a 7 year warranty – nobody can match that.

Pressure Lubrication - The Legendary Devilbiss Pump

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